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3 Apr in GH

All righty then!

Let it be

April three

On that date we

Shall hosteth thee

Whee whee

Hee hee hee hee

– B & B


Venus and Mars? What??

Dateline Jan 23

I still am confused as to why there was a board. Thanks though for the great time Schaefers! Music is awesome as always. and that steak! wow.

Here’s the CORRECT answers to the Computer Dating Service questions.

(Mrs. Chasin) “I have here the forms sent out by the National Computer Dating Service. They screen out the fat and the ugly, so it is obviously a firm of high standards. First, here is the personality interview, which you are to fill out and return. Now then, are you ready, Harold? Here is the first question.”

“Are you uncomfortable meeting new people?”
Well, I think that’s a yes, don’t you agree?

“Should sex education be taught outside the home?”
I would say no, wouldn’t you, Harold? Yeah, we’ll give a D there.

“Should women run for president of the United States?”
I don’t see why not. Absolutely yes.

“Do you remember jokes and take pleasure in relating them to others?”
Well, you don’t do that, do you, Harold? Absolutely not.

“Do you often get the feeling that perhaps life isn’t worth living?”
What do you think, Harold? A? B? We’ll put C – not sure.

“Is the subject of sex being over-exploited by our mass media?”
Well, that would have to be yes, wouldn’t it?

“Is it difficult for you to accept criticism?”
No. We’ll mark D.

“Do you sometimes have headaches or backaches after a difficult day?”
Yes, I do indeed.

“Do you go to sleep easily?”
I’d say so.

“Do you believe in capital punishment for murder?”
Yes, I do indeed.

“In your opinion, are social affairs usually a waste of time?”
Heavens, no!

“Can God influence our lives?”
Yes, absolutely yes.

“Does your personal religion or philosophy include a life after death?”
Yes, indeed. That’s absolutely.

“Did you enjoy life when you were a child?”
Yes, you were a wonderful baby, Harold.

“Do you think the sexual revolution has gone too far?”
It certainly has.

“Do you find the idea of wife-swapping distasteful?”
I even find the question distasteful.

“Do you…”   <gun shot>  “Harold, please!”

“Do you have ups and downs without obvious reason?”
That’s you, Harold!

Save the Rabies

September 26 is Dominion Day in NZ. But did we celebrate 102 years of New Zealand attaining Dominion within the British Empire? No. Instead we observed World Rabies Day (a little early) at Lisa’s & Roger’s place.

Of course the record wouldn’t be complete without the Menu and Recipes… Read the rest of this entry »

A big TootLoved by children. Desired by women. Adored by bartenders everywhere. – Shakes the Clown

Thanks Sabines for the unique DC evening in Grand Haven on July 8. Happy Birthday Rob!

Where else by awe are so many struck by silence? At nearby Lake Forest Cemetery of course. The search for the Blue Man hill was interesting, but largely unsuccessful. Then the party got rockin’ as the girls attempted to wake the dead.

The Wake

Happy Fourth!

The fireworks are in fine fashion
In this here part of town.
The insurance bill is paid in case
Rob burns us down; to the ground

These boots are made for walking.
We’re gonna walk all over town.

Along with a picnic dinner
A summer shandy will taste okay
Then a spectacle never seen before
A special fireworks display, this way.

These flip-flops are made for walking.
We’re gonna walk all over town.

Don’t forget your earplugs.
Sparklers make some sound.
But not as much as the boomers
They’ll be settin’ off downtown; downtown.

These sandals are made for walking.
We’re gonna walk all over town.

Not an eletrical fire

Not an eletrical fire

Come to the Caberet

This month we did this  – The Schubert Male Chorus Presents ‘Come to the Cabaret’

April 25th the Schaefer’s hosted out of turn at the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Cultural Center in GR. While we watched Rob do this:

…and this:

Reg, Bobbi and Geneann were doing this:

A nice finale

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